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"New concepts are introduced and understood before they are given a special name, which takes away a lot of what makes learning maths intimidating. Even if I come across something I have never seen before, I feel confident applying the same underlying principles to figure it out.

I’m so glad that I decided to give maths another try and approached Paul to help me. I highly doubt that I would be thinking of calculus as something fun and enjoyable had I learnt it in a classroom setting. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul to anyone at any level!" Isabella, A-level Intensive Course 


  • 5 Day GCSE or 7 Day A-Level
  • Course designed around you
  • Location of your choice or Online
  • Materials provided
  • Support after the course
  • 100% Refund Guarantee


After 22 years of successful tuition, I am now able to offer a one-to-one tuition course that is designed around you. 



How It Works

We have an initial meeting where we discuss your maths background, issues and goals. I will then perform an assessment to discover where your strengths and weaknesses lie. I can then design a course tailored to you to maximise your understanding of maths and thereby receive a high grade.


We will agree upon a location and date for the course. Before it begins I will teach you for 2 - 4 hours* in order to ascertain what mathematical ability you have. From this I will let you know what grade I believe you can achieve. Once we agree upon this, I will then guarantee you will receive that grade.


The GCSE course is 5 days, 6 hours per day. A-Level is 7 days. These don't have to be done 'in a row' but over weekends within one month.


[It can take place in a location of your choice so that you feel comfortable.]


The materials required will be entirely provided by me. These will include:

  • Notes
  • New and better calculator designed specifically to complement my course
  • Book
  • Revision materials and programme to follow
  • Exam practice material

The course follows my new, highly innovative and successful way of doing maths that will have you smiling and laughing. There is no anxiety and no fear.


Every method and concept is taught in a more advanced and easier to understand way than traditional school class orientated and robotic techniques with an emphasis on:


- an absolute minimum of jargon

- responsibility for understanding entirely placed on my shoulders

- a holistic approach to the whole course that is thought through to the tiniest detail 

- easy to use methods that are easy to remember.


The number of 'penny-drop' moments and 'scales falling from your eyes' realisations are so numerable that it's hard not to laugh along!


The course will cover the new GCSE specifications as of 2017.


Just a few of the innovations include:


  • Easier way to multiply that can be used in 11 different areas of maths
  • 3 simple rules to learn that are repeatedly used in all levels
  • Finally understand why we do algebra
  • Use the same concept to do indices or multiply decimals
  • Subliminal teaching of algebra (and calculus) which makes them easier to explain and understand
  • Alternative quadratic formula to solve equations easily
  • Solve percentages in your head or in a few seconds on paper
  • Unique explanation of trigonometry and how it works 


For the A-Level course, it is all of the above plus


  • Genuinely understand differentiation and integration as I explain them using numbers and pictures only
  • Know why you're solving quadratics and how to solve one in seconds
  • Mastery of the binomial theorem and its hidden use in many aspects of maths
  • Utilise Pythagoras' theorem in more ways than you realised


Once we've met and you've decided you'd like to go ahead with the course, we will decide on the date it will take place and where. A 10% initial deposit is payable. The remainder is due one month before the course start date.


Once the course is finished, I will give 6 hours support for the GCSE exam and 10 for the A-Level. These will cover exam technique, consolidation of concepts and fluency checks.


The course must be taken at least 3 months before the actual exam to ensure enough time to consolidate, revise and adapt to the new approach. If the course is taken with fewer than 3 months before the exam, I cannot guarantee the grade.




4 - Day GCSE:  24 hours (+ 6 after course end) - £3,995


7 - Day, A-Level: 45 hours (+ 10 after course end) - £5,995


Contact me for more details - feel free to ask anything!


*Charged at £100 per hour and taken from your 10% deposit if you decide not to go ahead after 4 hours.

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."


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