GCSE - A-Level - Further Maths or Equivalent


£100 per hour.




University Level - QTS Tests - Job/Military/Graduate Testing Prep.


£50 per hour.



Further concessions available to military personnel, contact me for details.


Lessons take place either at my home, yours or online.


Travel included if you have a 2 hour slot.


Otherwise travel is charged at 50p per mile each way.


I also donate 20% of my fee to a local charity Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bike Service that I volunteer for.  LEBBS


(Donations here)





Intensive Courses - Grade Guaranteed


4 - Day GCSE:  24 hours (+ 6 after course end) - £3,495


7 - Day, A-Level: 45 hours (+ 10 after course end) - £6,995


Guarantee your grade at GCSE or A-Level. With this bespoke package, designed around you and your requirements, rest assured you will find maths to be easy rather than a fog of half-remembered information and formulae. The course includes tuition at a location of your choice, required materials, in-depth analysis into your learning style and mathematical background and their associated issues as well as fortnightly hour-long follow up lessons to consolidate and practice concepts and exam technique until the exam itself. If you do not receive the grade that we agreed upon at the outset you will receive a 100% no quibble refund.


Terms of business


Q. I'm sure you're very good, but I can't afford you. Why are you more than everyone else?


A. Because I offer almost certainty that you will get the grade you require. I have 18 years of experience. Lessons will be interesting, surprising and more efficient. You will leave the lesson with a smile on your face rather than confusion.


Q. Can I have a discount?


A. No, I'm afraid not. I do offer discounts to military personnel but that is all!



Q. How does online tuition work?

A. A mixture of Skype and an online whiteboard. Both are free to use. We talk to each over Skype and then we can both write on the whiteboard. 


Q. Do I need any specific resources or materials?

A. Yes. I want you to buy the Casio FX-991 EX calculator which is on my home page. If you fancy getting a REALLY GOOD calculator, get the graphical one next to it! I use it all the time, well worth the money. I'd also like you to buy my book to complement our lessons. Finally, buy a ring binder and 'polypockets' to keep notes in for easy reference for both of us.



"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."


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