GCSE - A-Level - Further Maths or Equivalent


£50 per hour.




University Level - QTS Tests - Job/Military/Graduate Testing Prep.


£40 per hour.



*Concessions available to military personnel.


Lessons take place either at my home, yours or online.


Travel included if you have a 2 hour slot.


Otherwise travel is charged at 50p per mile each way.



Intensive Courses


3 - Day, 18 hours £695


5 - Day, 30 hours £1,295


Terms of business



Q. I'm sure you're very good, but I can't afford you. Why are you more than everyone else?


A. Because I offer almost certainty that you will get the grade you require. I have 16 years of experience. Lessons will be interesting, surprising and more efficient. You will leave the lesson with a smile on your face rather than confusion.


Q. Can I have a discount?


A. No, I'm afraid not. I do offer discounts to military personnel but that is all!



Q. How does online tuition work?

A. A mixture of Skype and an online whiteboard. Both are free to use. We talk to each over Skype and then we can both write on the whiteboard. 


Q. Do I need any specific resources or materials?

A. Yes. I want you to buy the Casio FX-991 ES Plus calculator which is on my home page. If you fancy getting a REALLY GOOD calculator, get the graphical one next to it! I use it all the time, well worth the money. I'd also like you to buy my book to complement our lessons. Finally, buy a ring binder and 'polypockets' to keep notes in for easy reference for both of us.



"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."


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