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If you'd like to sample the method, you can buy it on Amazon for a relatively low price. This is often how new students come to me to teach their children! It will give you a better sense of the method. Click on the book to the left to be transported to a new mathematical world. It is free in its entirety with Kindle Unlimited. In summary:


For you, maths is a painful thing that you're forced to do but really hate. You want to get a good grade, but find that you can do okay in class, but struggle in the exam. To solve this problem, I've created this guide through the seeming wilderness of mysterious letters and strange word problems. My course and my other books have great reviews. The culmination of 15 years' research and experience, this is a holistic guide to maths where you have to know much fewer methods, but in no time you'll be the best student in your class. Completely painlessly and effortlessly. 

You'll learn to: 
Multiply numbers with ease 
Do questions like 2.1 x 1.4 in a few seconds 
Find percentages such as 41% of 32 in seconds 
Do percentages in your head 
Square numbers in your head 
Smash the rules of indices 
Manipulate standard form with ease 
Finally understand why on earth you do algebra 
No more troubles with trigonometry 
Learn how to become rich (yes, really!) 
Learn about the traps of personal finance and how to avoid them 
Really understand areas 
Rearrange formulae using BIDMAS 
Seem like a magician with advanced mental arithmetic techniques 
Finally understand what sin, cos and tan, are and how to do them 
Carry all this forward to higher levels of maths 

This book will give you the correct and useful tools for maths and everyday life that you can actually USE and find easy. This is the key that will unlock your maths problems and will let you find maths to be exciting and satisfying to do, as well as rewarding for its own sake.

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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."


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