Recommended Calculators for under 16 and 16+

Under 16: Casio fx 991

Why buy it? You may already have a calculator recommended to you by school, or an old 83 or 85 model. The advantage of this one is that there are many more functions which apart from helping with learning and revision, come in very useful during the exam. You can actually check answers to questions there and then, ensuring a higher grade. The extra functions are really worth the cost as this calculator can be also taken into A-level and used wholly throughout with no issues. Highly recommend. 5*.


16+ Casio Fx-CG50

Why buy it? If you have started A-level this calculator may seem a bit daunting to use, but is considered to be the ultimate tool for my current students who literally always keep it close. Apart from having many similar functions to the 991, it also has graphing capabilty so that you can use, get to know and check functions for yourself. This is also helpful in exams when you're asked to sketch graphs. Finally, you can visually see such things as what algebra is for on it, as well as the actual calculations integration does on a graph. Finally it has more advanced equation solving ability for higher orders of degrees, matrix calculations and is easier to use by having a memory of previous calculations. It can also be used at university and is the ideal tool for a maths degree. Would give 6* if I could! (My personal preference is the 20, but this is no longer made. However if I can source a cheap 2nd hand one I will recommend this.)


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