Testimonials and References

Many of my former students and parents are happy to talk to you about their experience. If that is something you'd like, contact me and I can arrange it. Thank you!


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You have made maths enjoyable and interesting, and I never even imagined that would be possible.

Peter Bellerby (2021)


Seraphina grew exponentially in confidence and passion for maths under your tutelage. We will be forever grateful for your care and attention with her. 

Mrs Geraldine Grey (2021)


I contacted Paul over a year ago as I was concerned about my son’s progression in maths leading up to GCSEs. During primary school, maths was one of his strongest subjects but over the years he started to lose confidence, and as a result, interest in maths. Paul developed trust through incorporating my son's biggest passion, football, into the lessons and by showing him shortcuts. Zak’s teachers have commented on his new found confidence and significant improvement in his abilities. We have been very happy with Paul’s instruction and would highly recommend if you or your child is struggling with maths.

Leila Babar (2021)


I decided that I wanted to take maths A level in January (20) by doing an intensive course. Since I had not done maths since GCSE and the A level exams were in the summer, I really needed someone to take me through everything quickly but not sacrifice understanding. Paul got back to me promptly and after an initial meeting to see where I was, agreed to help. We started with fundamental skills and it was the first of many moments when I realised how unnecessarily complicated the traditional methods are. 

Even though I’ve only come back to maths recently, I’ve begun to enjoy it and become surprisingly enthused. Whilst I’d managed to do well in GCSE, I largely relied on applying techniques, rather than understanding anything. My confidence has improved dramatically and I’m even considering taking a maths-heavy masters.

New concepts are introduced and understood before they are given a special name, which takes away a lot of what makes learning maths intimidating. Even if I come across something I have never seen before, I feel confident applying the same underlying principles to figure it out.

I’m so glad that I decided to give maths another try and approached Paul to help me. I highly doubt that I would be thinking of calculus as something fun and enjoyable had I learnt it in a classroom setting. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul to anyone at any level!


Isabella, Oxford University student (2020)




We contacted Paul to help improve my maths ability as I was struggling at school, keeping up with the work in class. Since then, I have seen both a huge rise in results at school and my own confidence in my maths ability. I struggled to keep up with the dynamic nature of the A-level subjects i was studying (maths, further maths); however, Paul helped me understand the complex concepts and provided me with new techniques to combat old ones. Now at school, i am consistently seeing my exam results increasing and am finally able to understand the topics in class. Paul's lessons are fun, interesting and engaging, he follows the pace at which you want to go to so you never miss any content, and always explains things clearly and concisely.  Paul has shown me the true meaning of what it means to be a mathematician rather than someone who memorises facts just for an exam. We would definitely recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to improve their mathematical fluency.


Aryaman Verma, 18 (2020)


I began to see Paul as I needed a maths GCSE for a promotion at work. At 32, I was apprehensive and was long out of practice with not only maths, but any sort of learning environment. I explained that I was happy to start right at the basics, this is how Paul teaches anyway and I believe, the only way to learn. Paul shows you the fundamentals you don't even realise you weren't taught in the first place. For example, one of the first things he taught me was how to multiply two digit numbers (that school calls 'long multiplication' and I could never do) I could now finally do it, and I began to enjoy it. I actually immediately showed it to my wife and friends as it is such a brilliant method. My workmates saw me doing it at work and thought I was a genius!


The processes he teaches and the manner in which he explains how they work really resonate. So when you learn the next step, such as multiplying and dividing decimals, it was no longer daunting because it was just another logical step based on the foundation he'd already taught.


He would use every method to ensure I understood - pictures, explanation, interpreting my explanation and then comparing it to the method to ensure I was correct. Even in one instance using music to explain mathematical patterns. I had never been taught maths like this but the realisation was instant. 


I have since got the GCSE I needed and it is solely down to Paul.


He has a clear passion for maths, a calm disposition when teaching, even when faced with a student like me! He makes you realise that maths is simple as long as you understand a few fundamentals as he teaches them. 


All in all, what he taught me was very intuitively constructed, methodically delivered and frequently revised and reviewed to ensure I left with the understanding he intended. 


I start my new promotion shortly and it would not have happened at all if I hadn't met Paul - there was no way I was going to pass maths - I'd tried!

Ryan Smith (2019)

Paul stepped in to continue my son's A-level preparation in the run-up to his final exams after his original tutor moved from the local area. I'm pleased to report that, through Paul's masterful tutoring, my son recovered from a predicted D to achieve a confident B. Paul quickly identified areas of weakness and was able to create a programme of lessons that complemented the school's work. My son felt totally at ease with Paul and really appreciated his patience and calm explanations of complex maths ideas. To anyone looking for a decent maths tutor, I would recommend Paul without hesitation. I also then asked him to tutor my daughter through her GCSE year. She found exactly the same and got the grade we were hoping for.

Steve H 

I would thoroughly recommend Paul. He was really helpful when I approached him regarding tuition for the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre of the Royal Air Force.
He provided me with various speed/Distance/times questions and gave me pointers and helpful advice on how to calculate these, fitting my tuition in around my working day and with this first class tuition I successfully passed selection and went on to gain my Royal Air Force commission. First class tutor!
Flying Officer Katie B

After my daughter's decline in maths grades I contacted Paul for help. He did an initial assessment and agreed to tutor weekly. Paul was always polite, professional and reliable. He helped my daughter through her GCSE year and after starting out with F grades on her school work she passed her GCSE exam with a C. Paul gave my daughter confidence in a subject she really struggled with and helped her realise her potentiial, she is even now about to take Financial Studies at A-level! Without Paul's help she would never have passed and I can't recommend him enough.

Penny Blackman

I hated maths in high school, but I could never shake the feeling that I was missing out on something. After graduating, what meagre mathematical muscles I had acquired atrophied completely. So, I was practically innumerate by the time I started working with Paul. I was also anxious - something I'm sure many of you reading this will understand. I'd already failed to teach myself maths several times. But Paul's method is exceptional, both in that it is effective and in that it is unlike anything else out there. Within a matter of months, we had covered almost 10 years worth of material. More importantly, I had a sense that I knew the contours of the mathematical landscape. For instance, I learnt that 'There are only three types of numbers: square numbers, prime numbers and rectangular numbers' (Paul is very fond of three...there are also three golden rules, three types of division, three kinds of algebra etc). In addition, I learned to navigate this landscape by way of shortcuts that they just don't teach in school. The explanations he gave me for how these shortcuts work showed me how everything in maths is connected. That Paul's instruction is ideal for high-school students is, I hope, evident. But it's also of value for anyone who felt left behind in school or university maths courses or anyone who is curious to discover how some people can find maths interesting, exciting, and...dare I say it...fun.

Daniel Kilov, Australia (2019)


When I first came to Paul to help me with my maths resit exam, in all honesty I knew nothing. Working with Paul really helped me to understand everything I needed. After only a few weeks of tuition, my resit result went up 25% from the previous time which enabled me to pass my university requirements for the year so I could continue with my degree. It was a great help!

Rachael, Lincoln University student (2019)

I can’t recommend Paul highly enough. He has a truly person centred approach to teaching which is the polar opposite of school. Whether you are struggling or gifted, he will be honest and tailor the teaching to your needs.


In our case my son, who had always been gifted at Junior school and enjoyed Maths, began to get very bored in Year 7 Maths at school. I could not get the school on board with adapting his work to a level that he was comfortable with and felt challenged by. He is now in Year 8 and, thanks to Paul, on course to take the iGCSE, or maybe even O Level, well ahead of schedule, hopefully by end of Year 9, if not before.


Paul stretches him and allows him to think instinctively and truly mathematically and always teaches the why, not just the how, which is so important to my son. He will answer any question, even if it leads to work or concepts beyond GCSE. He has re-ignited my son’s passion for Maths, which will be integral to any of the career pathways he is considering.


Mrs Sian-Elizabeth Rees, and her son George.



And Jagoda's comments about her tuition...


Paul is a very friendly and reliable tutor who is passionate about maths but most of all - helping people with any maths related problems. Not only did he support me all the way through my my maths GCSE (2016/2017) and beyond but also was happy to see me whenever I needed. Mathematics is his life and you'll realise that straight away! 


He is very patient, indeed - more patient than anyone I've ever met. This is very reassuring if you ask the same question again and again. He finds it easy to explain the mathematical problem in lots of ways without you feeling stupid for asking the same question. Apart from his mathematical expertise, he is genuinely interested in helping you to achieve your full potential.


Over our sessions, he helped me a lot with lots of other issues which were not strictly on the agenda, including study skills, choosing the right course and university - things that were previously holding me back. I would not be able to call myself a 1ST YEAR UNIVERSITY MATHS STUDENT if it wasn't for Paul. I would strongly recommend him.


Letter of thanks


We just wanted to write and thank you for all your hard work, encouragement and support that enabled Michael to pass his Maths GCSE.
As you know Michael had struggled with maths throughout his schooling and had been written off by his school as a student who would not be able to pass the exam.
We also feel that his gaining confidence with his maths also had a knock on effect with his other exam subjects.
Many thanks again, 
Kind regards,

Les & Michelle Aylett. (2017)


"I've learnt more in one hour than I've learnt in 5 years at school."


Molly Jackson 


"Hi Paul, the 3 day course was very useful, I feel a lot more confident now about studying and the exam I've got.  Thanks again, probably be in touch soon with a problem for you to solve!"


Andrew Regan, engineer, mature student


“I got 100% in my GCSE exam because of Paul’s tuition – I couldn’t believe it!” 

Hannah Stevenson, student, sister of James


"Even though you taught me six years ago, I still remember your lessons now."

Rupert Vause, student


"You've had an amazing effect on Thomas, his confidence soared.  I couldn't believe it when he was doing sums just for the fun of it every evening."

Melanie Harding, parent


"It's hard to believe that my textbook makes this so complicated.  Why don't they explain it as easily as you can in ten minutes?"

Leigh Rakestrow, Engineer


Our daughter desperately needed a 'C' grade GCSE maths to enable her to fulfil her dream to teach and, after three attempts, she had still not achieved the elusive 'C' ; so on recommendation, we booked a two-day week-end short course revision for her with Paul- what a wise investment. She responded very positively to the teaching methods and was able to apply the techniques successfully in the exam, which she sat two weeks after the course, and attained the 'C' grade. She is 'over the moon' and we are delighted for her. 

Our thanks to you Paul for your sensitive and conscientious approach- evident before, during and after the course- and your family for their warm hospitality during the coaching days. We are immensely grateful to you for playing such a big part in such a short time in helping our daughter follow her dream."

 Denise, Parent of Nicole.



 Hey Paul,


I went to the head of maths today to get the result of the November exam and I am absolutly delighted to tell you


that I got a C.


I am over the moon, and once again thank you so much for your help and support!


Best Wishes,


Nicole :)


"...for the last 3 or 4 nights I have set myself questions to do on multiplying because it's so fun."

Thomas Harding, 10



"I believe that Samantha has learnt more from you in the last few weeks than she has over the last 6 years at school."

Michelle Cleveland, Parent


 "Hi Paul, just to let you know that I really enjoyed our lesson yesterday and I have been using your methods in my engineering course already!  I'd never got to grips with maths before but now I know what I'm doing it makes a huge difference.  Thanks." 

J. Cooper, Mature Engineering Student


 "I've only been here half an hour and already there are so many things that are so much easier.  They should teach this at school."

Kelly Lodge, A-Level Student


 "I've learnt more in one hour than I have learnt in a year at school."

Grace Walgate, GCSE student


 "We had Paul tutoring at 3 different levels - one at A-level and 2 at GCSE level (one first year and the other second year). When we were looking around for a tutor it was difficult to find someone who would fit all 3 levels, and then we came across Paul when searching on the internet and thought we would give him a go.

 His methods are very different to the ones used at school, making the maths easier to understand as he went through it all in detail emphasising the areas where we needed to work harder. WE are all 3 very happy, as not only has our maths understanding improved, but Paul has also given us the confidence boost which the school failed to do.

 Overall, when looking back our maths is now improving at a faster rate due

to Paul especially focusing on getting all the basics right."  

Marie Louise, parent of Alex, Anne & Nikolai


"Just want to say a big thank you for your help with physics over the past weeks. You've been a fantastic teacher and really explained things a lot better than school.  I do believe you have a fantastic teaching ability...whatever happens, I'm confident now and that's down to you."

D. Wharton, online student


 "This makes my life SO much easier."  Cissy Capaldi, online student

 "Cissy has responded incredibly well to you" Elaine, Cissy's Mum


 "This is brilliant....brilliant.  I will definitely be using this.  I used to be so dependent on a calculator and I had to have it or I felt lost.  Not any more!  Did I mention this is brilliant?" 

Stacey Corry


 "My daughter, Evie, started tuition with Paul because I felt the maths teaching at school was, well, should I say, unsatisfactory?  I felt it quite likely she may not get the pass she needed.

Evie has just had her mock results and because of Paul's help on-line, the improvement is amazing.  I'm so glad I asked Paul to help her.  Her teacher told me that a tutor would be a waste of money - I feel like going to see him to tell him what I think!"  

Angela Morgan, parent of on-line student


                                  30th March 2010

"Hi Paul,

Just got my paper results yesterday for my A-Level Maths.

I achieved an A overall with an A in M2 and 100% in C2 so I am delighted. 

Just thought I would let you know and thank you very much for all of the help you have given me.

Kind regards"

George Shiel


Paul's tuition is flippin' brilliant.  It got me an A at A-level maths"

Patrick Creane, A-level student


 "That's so smart.  That's so cool.  That's brilliant!  I'm going to use that from now on!"  [in reference to learning how to square numbers in seconds]

Evie Morgan, Online Standard Grade student


 "My son was totally thrilled and fired up by your lesson yesterday.  He thinks you are an amazing tutor.  Thanks very much!" 

Ruth Letts, parent of Joe, AS level student on-line


 "How you explained that then, it was as clear as day.  The good thing about this [on-line tuition] is that it provides an outlet for my thoughts on what I'm learning.  Instead of just reading a book, I can get some feedback about my understanding.  It really gives me confidence."  

Mark, On-line university student


 "This is cool!  I actually understand it now.  The Union Jack situation has been the highlight of my day! [in reference to multiplying 241 x 324 and (x + 1)(x + 1)(x - 2).] How is it so simple?  And why isn't this taught in school?  I wish I'd met you a year ago..."

Aisha, AS level student


 "John loves your lessons and has found great comfort in them.  It is the first time he has ever accepted maths with any confidence.  He has bonded so well to your teaching, and looks forward to studying with you to a much higher level." 

Elizabeth De Havillan, Parent of Online student


 I've never seen maths done so easily in my entire life!  You're going to revolutionise maths with this - something that is 2 pages long in my textbook you've explained in a paragraph even more easily!" 

George, A-Level Online student


 "Everyone should learn using Paul's method." Jenny Drisbey, pupil

 "After 3 hours of tuition I definitely felt a lot more confident and I understand a lot more now.  I went on to pass my maths course which was crucial for my degree.  Thank you, Paul" 

Pauline Myrie, Online student


 "Paul turned my daughter's grade from a U to an A, after 3 days of tuition, so I asked him to tutor all of my children.  My son has been moved up a set, his confidence has improved and he is keen to learn.  My other daughter got an A also and now takes A-level. [edit: she now attends university studying physics]" 

Lindsay Alldis, Headteacher (now OFSTED inspector)


 "Before I started my tuition my maths grades ranged from an E to a U, I needed a C to get on my college course, and achieved that after a few months of the tutoring! Paul is a friendly and effective tutor, who explains maths in a much simpler and easy to understand way. It was definitely worth the money." 

Hannah Broughton, GCSE student


 "Although I am very conversant with maths and had helped my daughter with GCSE, we decided that she would benefit from regular help from someone other than me.

I looked on the internet and elsewhere and eventually came down to a shortlist of either a completely independent tutor such as Paul, or a tutor as part of a larger scheme and methodology. So we did a few trial tutorials of each type and I listened in to some of each session.

 The two of us had a debrief after each session and discussed the merits of each tutor from the point of view of style, approach, competence and empathy.

So we started from a shortlist of 4 and selected Paul after 2 trial sessions with each.

Paul has helped my daughter to come forward a lot and has formed a good bond with her and helped her progress well.

So in conclusion, I can recommend Paul Carson if you are looking for a maths tutor."

Ian Head, father of Callie, online student


 "I've learnt more in one hour than I've learnt in six months at school." 

Declan Corner, pupil


 "This is what you should learn from a young age!  To fully understand you need to know why you're doing things and putting it into real-life situations, as Paul does, makes it more understandable!  I've learnt so much in one hour and the time flew!" 

Alex, online A-Level student


 "Paul has been a real asset to us." Julie King, parent


 "This is very smooth and slick.  It's like getting a map that shows you all the back alleys from one street to another when you didn't even realise they were connected." 

Luca, Online GCSE student


 "Paul's method is interesting, well-planned and a good experience.  Because it's laid out simply, you find it easy to understand and pick it up quickly.  In every lesson something becomes clearer, and you can relate to what is being taught.  It should be in schools.  I was expecting a D but I've just done a mock test where I got 97%!  My teachers were amazed.  I'm very confident I will get the grade I want" 

Adam Penny, pupil


 "Why didn't they teach it like this at secondary school?" 

Florence Petgrave, Online A-Level student


 "After ten hours of tuition, I have turned my marks from 30-40% to 80-90%." 

Amy Parker-Hill, year 9


 "Paul is definitely worth the money!  I'm going to ask him to tutor me!" Samantha Hill, Amy's mother


 "What's good about Paul's method is that you understand what you are doing, whereas in school, you just mechanically do what you're told to without understanding why.  It makes it easier to learn, things fall into place more easily and you see how everything is linked.  Before I met Paul I was on a U, now I'm confident I'll receive an A.  At school, when you ask 'Why is something like that?' they reply, 'Because it just is'.  Paul doesn't believe in that.  He wants you to know why you're doing everything." 

Grace Storr, A-level pupil


 "Paul has worked with our son for his AS and A2 Maths for the last 2 years. He has been reliable, enthusiastic and well liked by him. We feel Paul has made a positive contribution to his studies both in terms of consolidation and giving a different perspective.

 He has built an excellent rapport with our son and this has been a very positive experience enabling him to gain confidence in his ability. Paul has also helped our younger son study for his physics exams recently with hopefully good results, again he had a good working relationship with him. 

 We have no hesitation in recommending Paul and it is our intention to continue with him next year."  

Mrs K Smith, Oliver's Mum.


 "Before I met Paul I couldn't do anything in maths, not even add correctly.  Within a few lessons I was able to do any multiplication and any division - things that I had previously found very difficult!  I enjoy it and I always do the homework...usually about 8-10 pages!". Georgina Thompson, year 9


 "My daughter has been impressed as I am because I was seeking a tutor for her who explained it properly - Paul is excellent at this." Carole Storr, Grace's mother


 "I was inspired to do A-level maths because Paul tutored me.  Before I met Paul I was hopeless at maths and I would never have dreamed of taking it at A-level.  I got an A at GCSE because of his lessons and he still tutors me for A-level now [edit: now at university, studying physics]" 

Roisin Alldis, A-level pupil


 "Being tutored by Paul was a fascinating experience." 

Heidi Walton


 "My son's motivation for learning has increased like I've never seen before - you're obviously very good at your job." 

Rachel Penny, parent


 "I needed to get a C grade to enter sixth form; when I met Paul I was on an E.  It was entirely down to him that I got the grade.  I personally went to thank him at his home as soon as I got my GCSE results at school."

Andrew Shelton, GCSE pupil


 "My daughter got the grade she required; I put this down entirely to Paul's teaching." Hannah Brennan, parent


 "I met Paul as I had a GCSE exam coming up in 2 months.  He recommended a three day intensive course.  I decided I really needed that grade!  So I did it - actually time flew each day and I was surprised when he said 'time's up!'.  I got the grade and I now work in accounts!" Sophie Pillsworth, pupil


 "Paul tutored me maths as I was really struggling at school; he had lots of patience!  I needed a C and it is because of him I got it - my school maths teacher was hopeless.  I'm now at college where all of my friends are re-taking their GCSE - but I don't have to!  I help them using Paul's techniques." 

Emma Wallis, pupil


 "I had to take GCSE maths again for my nursing qualification, I only got a D the first time around.  I had Paul tutor me and he made it seem a lot easier.  I never thought I'd pass but thanks to Paul I did." Laura Eyre, student nurse

"There was no way before I met Paul I was going to get a pass in maths (C).  He made it all very simple, and I immediately called him to say thanks on results day as I was so happy!  Now my sister is receiving tuition from him as my parents are impressed." 

James Stevenson, pupil



"Sam's confidence has increased; he no longer finds maths scary!  Thank you." Cathy Tickle, parent of 11 year old Sam.



Amazon Book Reviews 

I think this is a great learning tool. This is a maths book for the smart person. I say this because what it does is introduce maths in a dynamic way that interlinks the functions therefore showing the reciprocity that is built into maths in the first place. Mathematics is usually shown to us at this level as being separate and discrete topics. What also happens is the presentation of mindless formula and algorithms to plug into a situation. But instead what Paul does is to provide the clearest framework upon which to build the blocks of maths; there is the provision of 3 general precepts that form the backbone of the tools of engagement. Next it is shown how these tools are used in various ways at each vertebrae (or sub section) of the mathematical framework Another crucial element is that the basic functions are shown to be reduced to addition and subtraction and that multiplication and division are functions that are specialised operations that piggyback off of the core functions respectively in a very discrete fashion (this will all be explained nicely in the book). The last thing that is done is that a gentle immersion model is used where we are introduced to either one idea or a few small ideas and then we are presented with a question or puzzle that will form the bridge to the next topic in a gentle and non confrontational way. Paul is a master educator that teases and entices one along the road to mastery and it is done in such a way that you feel empowered in the process. One caveat is that each building block builds upon the previous one dealt with and you have to make sure you really understand each topic before moving to the next one. Each section is dealt with very succinctly and to the point and if you leave your trepidation at the door and go on the adventure, your mathematical mind will be unlocked.


Great learning tool for any level of maths education. I’m currently studying Electrical Engineering at degree level and this has taught me some new and valuable skills to help cement the skills required.


Really good update of 'Naked Numbers'. Covers a lot of the material in Nat 4/5 (Scottish) maths too. Each step is explained carefully in terms of the 'why', so you understand how the concepts all fit together, and the reasoning behind the procedures. Which is a subtle but really important (I think) thing which all too often gets completely ignored in schools. To get that A* I think having a go at some past papers would be a useful 'next step', but in terms of understanding the story this is a great buy and excellent value.


I recently bought three Maths GCSE books to read. Partly to refresh my faded fractions and decimals knowledge and partly to keep up with my kids' homework. This book was the only one I managed to finish, but not only get to the end of but also enjoy! It has even spurred me on to take up Maths again, after a 28 year break since GCSE and study it further!


Interesting views and methods to support learner experience. Definitely recommend.

Reviews on Amazon about Naked Numbers

"For anyone who had a bad experience with maths at school, or for anyone wanting a primer in number confidence, this looks pretty hard to beat. It's a nicely understated product, perhaps all the more powerful for that. Perhaps most impressive of all - the techniques taught stick in the mind after very little time: and they work. Should be considered as a resource in schools and adult numeracy classes everywhere."


God Send for the Mathematically Phobic.

 "... if you're doing GCSE maths (or helping someone who is), then this product would probably be a fantastic study aid."

 "...actually quite addictive...


Paul's voice is nice and soothing and you don't feel stupid as the 'real' people he has in his 'class' ask the sort of questions you might ask yourself.


He goes at a nice pace, slowly building on all you've learnt....until eventually you're doing quite complex sums....crickey...and you CAN do them!


I liked the way when you listen to the CD, the sums he is talking about appear on the screen, so you can pause and look at what's actually happening....a bit like in a 'real' class where the tutor would be writing on the board.


Very useful if you're hopeless at numbers and want to be able to make some sense of everyday things like percentages ..

....I even amazed myself by learning how to multiply double figures by double figures without getting a headache or using a calculator.

Great piece of kit :)."

 "I bought this for my 10 year old daughter who has always struggled with maths. After having sat through this course she has so much more confidence. I even tried some of the techniques myself and its alarmingly simple yet powerful."

 "It has definitely helped, and I do feel more confident. I have to take my hat off to Paul Carson for this, and I'm grateful to this for making a difference."


"After leaving school 20 years ago without any qualifications I am now back at college and finding it hard to progress with subjects containing maths, I purchased the Naked Numbers CD in the hope that it would explain the basics again to me and boost my confidence with maths which it certainly has done, I've only just finished the CD and already I am able to tackle mathematical problems which I struggled with last week.


I would highly recommend this CD to anyone who is struggling like me with maths as it goes back to basics and explains problem solving in laymens terms across a range of maths subjects with easy to remember solutions, I wish I'd found this CD weeks ago before wasting money on books that make no sense!"


"There are lots of excellent tips - including using fingers for multiplication, squaring of numbers (the teacher gave an example of 27 x 27 - and shows how it is possible to work this out easily)."




"The tutor is really good, and explains stuff really well, and has really good tips like building on from the one I recall from when I was a child where you use your fingers to do the 9 times table, he gives you tuition on how to use this also for 8 and 7 etc."


"This starts off really well and gives fantastic tips and shortcuts for times tables and basic calculations. For this I'm delighted with the course and I will use these techniques when teaching kids with difficulties."


"I've always been bitterly ashamed at how awful I am at maths; to the point where I always rely on a calculator and try to avoid anything at work involving numbers as much as I can. I was skeptical that this programme could work on someone as deficient numerically as myself but this has made a believer out of me and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone like me who would like to be better at maths but has no time to seek out an appropriate adult learning group.


You are led through basic maths step by step, one lesson at a time each building upon the last and it feels like the best teacher you had at school is teaching a class just to you. Apparently the creator of this set up has based its style on a popular language learning tool and I have to admit I am definitely a fan so far as it gives you the ability to pause the screen if you need time to answer- amazing for those of us who cowered in maths classes frozen tongued when asked under the glare of a spotlight to come up with an answer. " 


"I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is scared of maths."


"As a numeracy tutor I was impressed by this product. ...essentially a good educational aid, and definitely a product of value."


Startlingly Good!


"I think this has unlocked ideas and ease of using numbers in my son's mind. A thoroughly good method, cannot fault, truly is excellent method in teaching numbers."


"...this product will help you to be more confident with numbers."


"...the course is genuinely useful. For example, I now know how to times three digit numbers with other three digit numbers, such as 467 times 963. That's something that I didn't know how to do before, and something that I really can imagine using in the future. What's more, it's nice to have the material spoken to you as opposed to having to trawl through a book for the same information."


"...if they brought out a follow-up advanced course, I'd buy it." 




"I was very sceptical about this product, but I thought that in some ways I might be the ideal reviewer - if this method can work for me, it can probably work for ANYONE. Amazingly, it DOES work for me. There's a lot of material here, and I haven't yet completed it all, but right from the earliest sections I was amazed at what I could do using this method."


"A simple, easy to follow program and one I intend to use for my young son as he develops. Many view maths as too difficult or sometimes give up with it - this is the answer and congratulations Mr Carson for the work he has put in here. This should be a must for schools."


"Not being a great fan of maths (or very good at it), I was interested to see what Naked Numbers could offer in ways of new techniques. From what I've seen so far, it's a pretty impressive little kit and certainly does the job of increasing confidence in maths, and developing simple but effective techniques to deal with a variety of everyday calculations."

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."


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