GCSE - A-Level - Further Maths - IB - or Equivalent


University Level - QTS Tests - Job/Military/Graduate Testing Prep.


£80 per hour


Due to the value I provide, I can also charge a flat fee based on outcome - contact me to discuss.


Concessions available to military/blue light personnel and veterans, contact me for details.


Lessons take place either at my home, yours, or online.




Intensive Courses - Grade Guaranteed


5 - Day GCSE:  30 hours (+ as many lessons as required online) - £3,495


14 - Day, A-Level: 60 hours (+ as many lessons as required online) - £6,995


Guarantee your grade at GCSE or A-Level. With this bespoke package, designed around you and your requirements, rest assured you will find maths to be easy rather than a fog of half-remembered information and formulae. The course includes tuition at a location of your choice, required materials, and in-depth analysis into your learning style. It also includes weekly hour-long follow up lessons to consolidate and practice concepts and exam technique until the exam itself. If you do not receive the grade that we agreed upon at the outset you will receive a 100% no quibble refund.


Terms of business


Q. I'm sure you're very good, but I can't afford you. Why are you more than everyone else?


A. Because I offer almost certainty that you will get the grade you require. I have 23 years of experience, having taught approximately 10 000 hours. I have refined my method to make it that lessons will be interesting, surprising and more efficient. You will leave the lesson with a smile on your face rather than confusion. Many of my students then go to show others in their excitement what they've learnt. Plus, a recap video will be made of the lesson for consolidation so you can watch it as many times as you like. I am also available for questions over email/messaging between lessons. I'm happy to make videos about requested topics in between lessons also.


Q. Ok, but you're more than the average price.

A. I feel that, like most things in life, if you pay the average price, you'll get an average tutor.


Q. Will your methods be compatible with school?

A. Yes. My methods have been approved by Edexcel exam board (and therefore, all boards). Schools are also far more flexible these days and are just pleased the student is confident and is able to do the questions. Exam boards allow any approach to an answer, not just what's taught at school. I never teach anything that won't be permitted on an exam mark scheme.


Q. Do you teach toward the exam?

A. NO! My philosophy is that if the student understands maths, they will find the exam easy. If they try to memorise all possible questions, not only will they not really learn anything, it is more likely they will fail.


Q. How do I know how my child is progressing?

A. I give reports every lesson on how your child has performed in the lesson and generally. If they are not meeting my standards I will inform you straight away.


Q. Can I have a discount?

A. No, but thank you for asking. I do offer discounts to military/blue light personnel to thank them for their service - but that is all!


Q. Does your method only work because it's 1-to-1 tuition?

A. 1-to-1 tuition is obviously an advantage, but it's important to not conflate the two. The method is effective due to a different approach from school, which succeeds where they have failed. Importantly, I also have an engaged student who becomes interested in the subject. Classroom teaching is completely different from individual tuition, and judging by annual pass rates, is not ideal for everyone. My method has a 98% success rate, often with students which school are failing. Parents can't believe the change they see in the children, making them very relieved and happy, and students begin to feel confident in their learning abilities again, and reclaim the self-respect they've had taken away from them. I am happy to provide evidence of this from these happy parents! You can read as much from my TrustPilot reviews also. 


Q. How does online tuition work?

A. A mixture of Skype or Zoom, and an online whiteboard. Both are free to use. We talk to each over Skype/Zoom and then we can both write on the whiteboard. 


Q. Do I need any specific resources or materials?

A. Yes. I want you to buy the Casio FX-991 EX calculator which is on my home page. If you fancy getting a REALLY GOOD calculator, get the graphical one next to it! I use it all the time, it is well worth the money. However only if you're doing A-Level or above! I'd also like you to buy my book to complement our lessons. Finally, buy a ring binder and 'polypockets' to keep notes in for easy reference for both of us.


Q. Why the fighter jet in your logo?

A. In my other life I was a fighter jet maintenance engineer. 


Q. Do you have a personal maxim?

A. Yes. I try to incorporate into my students: 


"Get ready... for anything."





"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."


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