Exclusive Custom Designed Mathematics Course 

Will you be sending me this message at the end of our lessons?

If you or your family don't fit in to the usual mainsteam picture of students who attend school, for example, you:

  • Are Home schooled
  • Travel most of the year
  • Are an Athlete
  • A professional Actor
  • Have considerable demands on your time
  • Have failed an exam on multiple occasions
  • Have an exam that is approaching quickly!


It is likely you'll decide at some point to hire a personal live-in tutor in order to obtain a qualification. If that is the case, I can help. Following our consultation, we can decide how it will be delivered, for how long and what the expectations would be. For some rough guidance, using my new and advanced methodology, an IGCSE requires 6 days, an A-level would be 11 days and a degree module would be 15 days.


As my student, you will benefit from my easy and enjoyable method for learning maths in an environment comfortable to you. You can feel guaranteed that it will be:

  • Discreet
  • Professional
  • Life changing
  • Effective
  • Fun
  • Relevant
  • Simple

It doesn't matter what level you start from - your knowledge will not be assumed.


Once the course is complete I will also be available online for as many follow up lessons as the student feels they require. 


I am willing to travel anywhere in the world at relatively short notice (if availability allows). All expenses will be covered by the client.


Contact me for more information and to have our first initial consultation.


With my method, there is no anxiety, and no fear. 

I have a lot of experience with students:

  • who have lost their confidence
  • who don't understand what their teacher is saying anymore
  • who can tackle questions in class, but not in the exam
  • who just feel lost and feel failure is inevitable
  • hate maths, and can never imagine it would be interesting
  • feel anxiety at the thought of maths

If this sounds like you, or your child, I can help.

Why is the course different and effective? Because

You'll learn to: 
Multiply numbers with ease 
Do questions like 2.1 x 1.4 in a few seconds 
Find percentages such as 41% of 32 in seconds 
Do percentages in your head 
Square numbers in your head 
Smash the rules of indices 
Manipulate standard form with ease 
Finally understand why on earth you do algebra 
No more troubles with trigonometry 
Learn how to become rich (yes, really!) 
Learn about the traps of personal finance and how to avoid them 
Really understand areas 
Rearrange formulae using BIDMAS 
Seem like a magician with advanced mental arithmetic techniques 
Finally understand what sin, cos and tan, are and how to do them 

Carry all this forward to higher levels of maths.

Everyone who has taken this approach has succeeded. Personal references available if required.

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."


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