A-Level and Year 11 Presentations

Giving a maths talk at a school

"Unlocking the Beauty of Mathematics: Simplified Approaches and Hidden Insights for Exam Success"

Main points include:


  • An easier and enjoyable approach to multiplying numbers applicable across 11 different areas of mathematics.


  • A simple trick for multiplying numbers we can also use in algebra.


  • How to find any percentage of any number - in seconds.


  • Effortless techniques for squaring, cubing, and finding higher powers of any number.


  • Discovering what is the point of algebra.


  • Quadratics: what do they reveal? How to solve one without any use of algebra, and including an easy way to find the gradient in 4 places without differentiating.


  • A new perspective on tangent, sine and cosine, and how to use them.


  • For A-Level
  • Where the rules for differentiation come from and what it really is.
  • How does integration work?


  • A new and easy way to find any binomial expansion without using a formula for any power.


The presentation is appropriate for Year 11 Higher GCSE students as well as top set Year 10s. For A-level students, both Years 12 and 13 would find it accessible. 


The presentation is 90 minutes long and includes activities and a Q and A session. 


I have been a proponent of mathematics appreciation since before 2000(!) and have been a full-time tutor of mathematics since then. I am now a university lecturer in mathematics and engineering. 


Contact me directly to book and to inquire about fees.


Thank you - I look forward to exciting your students with a fresh approach and perspective on mathematics they are studying.


"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."


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